On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Scents of Spring

Let's see if I can remember how to join the Hodgepodge with Joyce. Spring questions this week, so join the fun here.

1. What are some memories you associate with spring?

My birthday, Easter clothes, mom letting us go barefoot outside, trips to the nursery to buy flowers to plant, thoughts of vacation and trips to the Dallas Arboretum with my friends to simply enjoy all the blooms: Azaleas, tulips, just everything you could think of.

From the long ago past

These dresses were pale blue organdy, with blue net aprons and the ruffled sleeves 
and little silk flowers at the neck.

These dresses were dotted swiss, white with pink dots and, of course,
ruffles. I guess I was a little impatient wanting to get on with the Easter Egg hunt.

Sweet memories with friends

2. April showers bring May flowers...was that saying proven true where you live? Snapdragons, anemones, carnations, lilacs, sweet peas, tulips, lily of the valley, orchids, roses, gardenias...which one on that list is your favorite May bloom?

Roses! My other favorite is not listed. Peony. I love peonies and watching them come up out of the ground, bushing out, and big blossoms that turned into the sweetest smell. ❤️ I’m going to find a place to plant some in my yard. Mother always had carnations and roses.

Flowers I left behind

3. What are your top three distractions and how do you deal with them?
  • Phone
  • my brain thinking about what needs to be done next
  • the dog.
  • I try to slap my hands or hide the phone, but that really doesn't work (I'm fibbing here, the phone is always with me. I do ignore some phone calls when necessary and I don't allow notifications from Facebook, etc.).
  • Make a list and prioritize
  • Just let her sit on my lap or talk to her as she follows me around, or just give in and take her for a walk.
4. Do you eat beef? Yes.

In the course of a week, how often is beef on the menu? Maybe a couple of times, meat sauce for spaghetti, a small meatloaf, that kind of thing. 

A hamburger, steak, prime rib, or a roast beef dinner...which beef entree would you choose and yes you have to choose. Unless you're a vegan, and then you may pass.

I love a good roast beef dinner, but the cheeseburger is a close second. A good steak is enjoyed when one of the guys are grilling.

5. In what way were you creative during the month of April? 

Nothing comes to mind right now, but I am going to share our son's creativity. He built this chicken coop for Amy's chickens. He didn't have a pattern, he just built it and put wheels on it so it can be easily moved around the yard.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging again. Not too much to write home about, but I’m enjoying every day. I am trying to get some landscaping done and windows replaced in my house. Also, I’m looking forward to doing some front porch sitting with my neighbors and contemplating a trip to Mackinac island this summer.

Friday, April 23, 2021

It's Been a While ...

but that doesn’t mean I’m just been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I’ve been a busy bee since moving in September.

I’ve been back to Texas three times, celebrated Thanksgiving in Kansas, Christmas has come and gone, I’ve recovered from two falls, a broken wrist, and other mishaps trying to deal with many details such as getting my new drivers license, getting the title changed to one of the cars, selling two cars, buying a new car. Lots of things to do when settling in a new place: doctors, pharmacy, dentist, dog groomer, hair stylist, etc. 

I found a wonderful church that is amazing. So amazing, in fact, that my brother and sister-in-law left their church of over 40 years to join with me. This may be the friendliest church I have ever been part of with ministries to just about everything and everyone you can think of. It’s been a very exciting time. I’ve been involved with Bible study fellowship, made new friends, found old friends, and have just simply enjoyed my life since I’ve been here. I’m still missing my DH, but I am surrounded with love from family and friends and, of course, Annie is happy to be wherever I am. Our neighborhood is populated with some very friendly folk, so we enjoy taking our walks almost every day. And I love my house! It is perfect for me!

I’ve had visitors from Texas and looking forward to more. I’ve seen fall colors, tons of snow, ice, now Spring, and more freezing weather. But I think things are just about to turn as we head into storm season. Just to catch up I’m going to post a few photos of some of the things that have happened over the past few months.                 

Annie's a happy camper

Sunset behind my house

Some of the fall colors from across the street

Seeing this girl again brought tears of joy

And these two!

Thanksgiving in Kansas

Christmas color in the dining room

The first snow

They are all quite brave to stand on those pools.
The really big freeze in Texas

Finally got the headstone for DH's grave

Spring brought a big surprise!

I love these and can't wait to fill in blank spots here with more color!

Got to go back home for Jack's 10th

I should have kept up, but way too many things to recount. Suffice it to say that, in spite of the difficulties in taking care of business during these "unprecedented times", life has been good. God has been faithful to keep me and bring me this far and so He ever will be.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Moving In, Moving On

 As I look over my last blog post, it’s been less than a month, but so many changes have taken place since then. Some really strange happenings, hours of labor, and now already feeling nostalgic as I see pictures of the dear family and friends I left behind. But, moving forward, the deed has now been done and Annie and I are finally settled in our new home.

The week before I was to move, we had a big storm come through. Thunder woke me up that morning and I got up to open the curtains so I could watch the storm. Silly me! No sooner did I get back in my bed, than lightning struck so big right in front of my window, I could not believe it. I was sure my house had been hit and was concerned that it might catch fire. Fortunately it did not, however, I discovered that my air conditioner, my security system, and my Internet were all affected by the strike. So I had to quickly take care of all those things so they would be repaired before the closing. A lot of dollars after, and a lot of stress, but I continued to pack to be ready to move. Everybody told me I was a little bit nuts for doing all that packing (because I had paid for the movers to do that), so far I had 100 boxes packed, but it paid off in the long run. 

The movers were supposed to show up on 8 September, and on that day they called to let me know they wouldn’t be able to have a truck there until September 11, which was after the closing! After a few rounds with those clowns, I called my realtor in a panic, to see what could be done about changing the closing date. I think I already knew the answer: it could not be changed. However, my realtor being the wonderful person that she is, helped me locate a new mover who said they could be there the next day to load up and take all my stuff to my new home. Although that  was a big relief, at the back my mind was the large amount of money I had paid to the original movers. But, moving on, we went ahead to close and left for Oklahoma. On Friday morning, the movers arrived and we were shocked to see the men who had been sent were two scrawny looking fellows no bigger than me. My dear friends Alice and Fred, our daughter Sara, my brother Phil and his wife Susan all pitched in with me to help unload the truck. Susan brought me enough food to last a week and gorgeous mums to hang at the front porch. Phil grilled steaks and chicken for all of us! At the end of the day, the movers who unloaded everything said they have never had any customers do what we had done. (Needless to say it’s been quite an adventure, but happy to report I was able to get my money back from the original movers.)

Whew! I will never be able to thank enough all the people who helped get me here, encouraged, and took care of me through one of the most stressful times. I am so thankful I listened to God‘s wisdom and didn’t try to make a move while Jay was alive. It would’ve been a huge mistake and wrong thing to do to disrupt his peace in what were to be his last few years. I’m so thankful we were able to enjoy our life together to the end without all that would have been involved.

Now I’m starting over, but thanks to my family here, I am settling in. Some friends from back in Texas will be here tomorrow for a women’s conference and I will meet them for dinner. Yesterday, I met with the ukulele band to practice the songs they will be singing for the nursing home residents. Annie and I have taken two and three walks a day around the neighborhood, which is so pretty. I really like it here. 

I have seen so many Canadian geese fly over and many of them are stopping in the field behind me for a snack. They’re  beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing fall colors here. The plan to play pickle ball has been thwarted for now in light of the fact that my back is out of whack from all the lifting and moving I’ve done for the past few months. On top of that, I fell so now I am experiencing a lot of pain and having to take it easy for a while. Hopefully, a visit to the chiropractor tomorrow will resolve the problem. 

My new house. Alice relaxing with Annie after a hard days' work.

The geese feeding. It was raining or I would have tried to get closer for a better pic.

Misty morning behind the house.

Everybody worked so hard to get my house fixed up!

Before I left, I had several get-togethers with friends and family to say good-bye. This one though by a few of the people from my messianic congregation is funny because I had to photoshop myself in. Just as we were getting ready for the brunch, I received a call from the Geek Squad and I had to leave to meet with him. So I missed my little party. I was sad, but they did have a good time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Come September Hodgepodge

I may be late to the party, but the Hodgepodging topic today just resonates with me! Thank you, Joyce!

1. The Hodgepodge lands on the second day of a brand new month. Tell us one thing you're looking forward to in September.

Getting this move over with. Next week will find me in another city, a different state, and a new (to me) home. I have been pack, pack, packing away the past couple of weeks, and decluttering my house for more than a year. I’m starting over, folks! My house sold the first day and I found “my house” four days later! I am so thankful for the many ways I have been blessed in this process. 

2. Do you enjoy browsing second-hand shops? Yes. Last thing you bought or 'inherited' second hand? My sister-in-law Susan has been anxious for me to play pickleball with her and friends after I settle in my new home. So my friend Connie came over just yesterday to give a last hug and say good-bye. She brought to me as a parting gift her pickle ball paddle and ball in a nice bag. So sweet of her to pass this on to me.

3. Something you had second thoughts about after committing to, purchasing, or posting/commenting  online? When I have second thoughts about posts, I usually go back and delete. And I always have second thoughts about political posts. 

4. What's a product or service you use that you'd rate as second to none? My Norwex window cleaner cloths.  And also see my random thought.

5. Something you do so often or that comes so naturally to you it's second nature ? The drive from church comes so naturally, that even when I tell myself I’m going to take a different way, I find myself on auto pilot and shaking my head that I made it home safely. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I have to give credit here to my dear friends Alice and Fred, especially Fred who has stood by me in his labors and helping me with everything that had to be done around this house to get things ready for me to move. (Alice lends much needed emotional support!) Fred is a handyman and a jack of all trades. I guess I would have to write him as second to none in answer to number four, even though he’s not a product or service, but his services have been done without ever complaining and always with good ideas. When there needed to be a deck renovation at the cost of about $18,000, he looked at it and said just take the stairs down and fill up the gap on the deck. He did it, we painted it, it opened up things and made the view here even better. When the storm winds blew my storm door off kilter and crushed a hole in the wall of the house, he fixed the door and the wall. Countless jobs have been done, strong arms lifting and cleaning and removing just about everything you can think of. He painted my motorcycle trailer, helped me sell it, helped me sell the motorcycle, helped me clean out and get rid of two sheds, clean out three garages and three attics, get a generator out of the garage to sell, move a giant tv, and on and on and on. He refused to take a cent. Oh yeah! Did I happen to mention he is 78? And both Alice and Fred will be going with me to my new destination to help! So grateful for their friendship.

I couldn’t have made this move without all my friends who have loved and supported me throughout. 

Last evening was farewell to some of the BSF Leadership group. I will miss this group of mentors so much! They will always have a special place in my heart.

There is no way to post photos of  all the friends I have here in Texas. Each and every one is so precious to me. The above are only a few. Thank You, God for the heart friends You've bless me with.

Saturday, July 18, 2020


Linking up with Sam this morning for some fishy questions. You can find them right here to answer on your blog.

Saturday 9: Flipper (1964)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Flipper ran for three seasons, from 1964 to 1967. Are you familiar with the show? I remember the show. Were you a fan? Not really. We saw the movie and I was 14, so I wasn't interested.

2) Brothers Sandy and Bud consider a bottle-nosed dolphin, named Flipper, their pet. Do you currently share your home with any animals? My dog, Annie! She's great company. Just wish she could do something with her hair--she sheds! Here she is guarding her toys.

3) Bud and Sandy's dad was Chief Warden Porter Ricks of the fictional Coral Key Marine Preserve. In reality, the show was filmed in Miami and Key Biscayne. When were you last in the ocean? I think 2014. Which ocean was it? The Gulf of Mexico, Port Aransas, I think.

4) There was no one single "Flipper." In close-ups, the role was played by a dolphin named Susie. While Susie was good at interacting with people, she had trouble with stunts, and sometimes a male dolphin named Clown was brought in for action sequences. Do you consider yourself more social, like Susie? Or are you more athletic, like Clown? I used to be fairly athletic, I am somewhat social--not extremely outgoing.

5) Without looking it up, do you know the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise? No I'm hoping you will tell us.

6) Flipper wasn't just a TV pet. He was an industry! During the show's run, Flipper comic books, coloring books and puzzles were very popular. As an adult, do you entertain yourself by reading comics, coloring, or completing jigsaw puzzles? No.

7) The Flipper lunchbox was also a big seller. It came with a Thermos topped with a red cup. Do you own a Thermos? I just got rid of one. I had a plaid lunchbox with the thermos in it. I carried a plaid lunchbox all through elementary school and the thermos always had chocolate milk in it. You can't see it that well, but I am holding it in this pic.

8) In 1964, when Flipper premiered, it was up against The Outer Limits and The Jackie Gleason Show. If those were your only viewing choices, would you watch the family show about the dolphin, the sci-fi anthology show, or the comedy-variety show? (Or would your rather flip through a magazine?) I would rather read a book. But if we must choose something to flip, I would choose one of my magazines.

9) Random question  -- Which would you be more comfortable explaining: how a car engine works, the current IRS tax brackets, or the rules of baseball? Oh mercy, I will have to keep silent.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sweet Summer Hodgepodging

Continuing on through the summer with Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce at From This Side of the Pond. The questions can be found here, answered on your blog, and share with everyone on Wednesday.

1. The sweetness of summer...where have you found it recently? If you're in the Southern hemisphere, feel free to tell us about the sweetness you're finding in winter. 

So far, I'm experiencing the "sweatness" of summer, as I am working outdoors with my buddy Fred trying to get this house ready... purge, purge, purge ... clean, clean, clean. If the house doesn't sell, I will still be better off with all this stuff done!!! How's that for making lemonade out of lemons before you even have the lemons? 

But, to answer the question, the sweetness of summer has been the friendships and the people who have helped and encouraged me so much in all I do. 

2. Take your sweet time, sweet tooth, home sweet home, short but sweet, the sweet smell of success, sweet talk...choose a sweet idiom and tell us how it fits your life currently? 

Sweet tooth!! I'm finding myself indulging in sweets of some kind every day, can't open the pantry without seeing those chocolate covered almonds or peanut butter cups, and, thanks to me, the freezer is now running low on brownies and chocolate chip cookies!!

3. Sweet as honey, sweet as sugar, or sweet as pie, which phrase do you use when a sweet phrase is called for? Sweet as honey, I think. What's the last sweet treat you indulged in? Oh dear, yesterday at lunch with my friends, we had her chocolate birthday cake, and last night after dinner, I had a big slice of Alice's Italian Cream Cheese Cake. She baked it for a wedding! Not only was it delicious, it was quite lovely decorated with real flowers.

4. First thing that comes to mind when you hear the word fidget? 

Kids who can't sit still or maybe Fidget Spinners in the hands of kids who can't sit still!

5. Share with us one of your favorite childhood travel memories. 

I still smile when I remember how our family traveled to Illinois one summer, along with my aunt and uncle and their boy, Lonnie Wayne: five of us and three of them. Yes, I have shared this story and the pics a few times in the past! We traveled in an UN-air-conditioned, 57 Chevrolet. We drove all night from Arkansas to Illinois to visit another aunt and uncle and cousins. We enjoyed a wonderful time there and Aunt Gerry took us kids to the public swimming pool to cool off. Sweet! Swimsuits were available for rental since we had not brought our own. Ewwww!! It is hard for me to imagine us doing that today even though we were just kids about 9 and 7, I think. I remember threatening a little boy who put a frog down my sister's back!

We always loved going to Arkansas!

6. Insert your own random thought here. I am just posting some random photos of recent happenings. Not too many thoughts except I'm doing my best to not get my hopes up too much about my moving to a new location.

Fred working on the stairs to the upstairs deck
Cute kids at church meeting for first time.
The boy is gonna break some hearts!

Things around the house ... some sentimental and
some odd finds!

Here a mess, there a mess,
everywhere a mess, mess!

Lunch on Monday with long time friends was indeed a sweet summer treat. We celebrate 46 years of friendship and meet through the year on our birthdays. Yesterday was for my May birthday and Sherri's July. The you-know-what virus prevented our meeting in May as Nancy is 80 years old and at risk. Can you believe she is 80??? Anyway, we have a Willow Tree figurine that we pass on to each of us who is celebrating a birthday. In light of the clutter in my house now, I left it with Sherri to enjoy until we meet again.

Left to right, Sherri, me, Nancy

And the frosty mugs were in my DH's little fridge. It brought back the sweet memory of him singing, "Put it in a frosty mug for me, put it in a frosty mug, glug, glug, glug, put it in a frosty mug!"
The kids LOVED singing that with Grandpa as I poured up the chocolate milk or whatever beverage they wanted in a frosty mug!