On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Finally getting around to updating my record. I'm certain that I have forgotten to add some memory from the past three weeks, but this is what I have!

Had a chance to meet up with another high school classmate.For the past 40 years or so, we have lived within one mile of each other and this is the first time we have gotten together. As the old cliche says, "Better late than never!" Right? We had a very nice lunch together and, as she herself said, she pretty much did all the talking!! That doesn't bother me at all since I am a fairly good listener and I did enjoy listening to her.

 Kate and Jack spent the night or I should say, Labor Day
Weekend with us. We had a fun time as usual, just ordinary things.
We went to church - Jack loves the little train there.

 Jack pretending he is a dog on top of his doghouse.
I told him he reminded me of Snoopy, which, of course,
he had never heard about.
So, had to fill him in on that.

One thing Kate likes to do at our house, is to get on the computer and make cards for her
Mommy with our Hallmark card software.
In this pic though, she is working on her new book,
Dolphin's First Day at School.

 Grandpa being silly.
Looks like Mickey Mouse ears!

 Daddy and Jack chilling

On Labor Day, Mommy and Daddy came to get the kids and
all of us went for one last hurrah at the water park!
What fun we had! They love diving.
Isn't Mommy pretty in the water?

One of the young couples at church had a baby
last week. I prepared food for them and DH and I
delivered it to them.
So glad he was with me. They had two of
the scariest dogs I have ever seen together in one house!

 This past Saturday Kate had strep throat so we kept
Jack Saturday and Saturday night. We took him to
his soccer game (which he did not want to do),
but upon arrival and seeing his little teammates, he
quickly acclimated and did a great job!
So far he has scored all the goals for his team,
with one exception.

My brother and sister-in-law also came to visit on Saturday so
they had a chance to see Jack in action.
Jack and Howie (their dog) got along wonderfully.
So cute. I think Jack could use a dog like Howie. Just right!

On Saturday night, we attended the first concert of the season.
It wasn't of too much interest to Jack, but he was entertained with the iPad
while DH and my brother and Susan and I enjoyed the piano team of
Dudley and Pennington! They were very good.

Sunday morning was Patriot's Day at our church.
Every year we honor those who have served our country in
the military, police or fire department.
It is a very moving tribute to all the veterans and first responders.
Our pastor is passionate about giving honor to whom honor is due.
It was a lovely and fitting coincidence for my brother and sister-in-law to
be there for this as both their sons are in active duty.
God bless them!
And God bless my husband who served in the fire department for 37 years
and our son who currently serves in the FD.

Oh, the moments we miss when the camera isn't there!
Last week when I was at the local resale shop, I found an Avengers lunchbox to add to the toybox.
When Jack spotted it, he loved it and wanted me to pack it with goodies.
Then he wanted to play school and be the teacher and ME be the student with the lunchbox.
So okay, I'm game. He stands in front of me and says so seriously, 
"Put your arm behind your back and your hand on your heart."
And then he led me in the Pledge of Allegiance!
It was pretty cute to hear the words roll off his tongue.
The "puglic of 'merc!
(Translation: Republic of America)
Someday I hope to catch a video of this.

Sunday afternoon found DH and my brother enjoying a nap while Susan and I had a good visit before the birthday party for Susan's uncle Wayne and his wife MaryRuth. They were celebrating milestone birthdays - 85 and 80 respectively this week! 

You can hardly see Wayne and MaryRuth,
but there I am with sun blazing on me! ;-)
Across from me is my DH and beside me
is my brother and Susan.

Sunday night I had a message on my phone from our daughter's cell phone. 
There was a video and a message that read:
"This is Brady. I'm saving to buy a mini Segway if you could help me 
by giving me money for my birthday!"

Later that week, we had a call from the boys so we could see Noah's tongue! He took a rock in the face which really messed with his mouth! So glad no teeth were broken.

Wednesday we began the long awaited Bible Study Fellowship study on Revelation, and it is going to be a great one. There were around 700 in attendance! Wow!

One fun thing I have been doing the past few weeks is Blue Apron. It is a home delivery food service which delivers three meals each week. Every ingredient needed to prepare the meals is included in a refrigerated box which arrives on Tuesday. Such fun surprises are included and new things to try. Tonight we will be having Southern Style Chicken Cacciatore, (which I am hoping will be good since chicken thighs are not on my list of favorite foods at all)! You can read all about it at Blue Apron. I highly recommend it and it is no more expensive than what you would pay if you and your spouse dine out often as we do. Every ingredient (with exception of salt, pepper and your EVOO) comes packaged, even down to one pat of butter!

Jack and Kate were with us again this weekend. We played at the park, had pizza - pretty much the usual time spent with them. Playing at the park hasn't really been a usual thing this summer as the park has been closed since the floods in May. It is finally cleaned up and the kids were very happy about that.

Balancing on a rock wall on the way to the park.

On Saturday we were going to meet Mommy and Daddy at Jack's soccer game. The sprinkles at our house developed into torrential rain on the way. Would anybody be playing soccer? You bet!!! As we maneuvered our way around the parking lot trying to find a parking space, it occurred to me that people will hang in there to find that spot and get out in the pouring rain to watch a sport, but the rain alone would keep them home from church (and please, this is only an observation, not judging anybody, I'm just sayin').

September is pretty much whizzing on by us and now it is Fall! And it is still very warm, although Sunday afternoon a cool front came through bringing hope of more days like it.