On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Date of Remembrance

One of my August memories today is from August 3, 1987, a very important date for my brother, his wife and son, myself, and everyone else affected by what happened on this date. 

My brother had been diagnosed with a very rare form of lymphoma in 1985, and after having undergone chemotherapy treatments, it was determined that he would be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. It seems to be a more common treatment these days, but back in 1987, especially for my brother, Phil, it was a very risky undertaking and we were warned over and over of those risks.

Earlier that year, both my sister and I had blood tests to determine whether either of us might be a match as a donor for my brother. Thankfully, it turned out that my brother and I were not only a match, but the perfect match which was a huge blessing because my sister was the mom of two young girls and needed to be home. But in God's perfect timing, I was able to take a leave of absence from work to go to Seattle for the months needed, with Phil, his wife Susan and their two year old son, Chase. As I have told this story before in Second Chances, today I just want to share what happened that particular day.

On August 3, I entered the Fred Hutchison Cancer Center to have bone marrow taken from my lower back and given to my brother. 
Phil's nurse, John, administering 
the bone marrow to him.

Trust me when I say the above statement is truly an oversimplification of all that transpired in this exchange and that the days preceding and the days to follow were bad at their best and nightmarish at their worst. But, through it all, God was with us. He met every need.

Miracles sprang from circumstances that seemed hopeless.

  • My mother was in the last days of her life.
  • My Dad feared the loss of both his wife and son.
  • My brother's life was in the balance.
  • His wife Susan knew not what the future held for her and her two year old son.


Isn't it just like God? The miracles, His mercy, His goodness?

  • Heaven awaited my mother that month of August and she was released from her suffering into everlasting life and joy.
  • God healed my brother--recovery and healing were a long process, but it was done.
  • All our needs were supplied by God through the offerings of the people in their church family.
  • Susan's prayers and all of the prayers were heard and their lives continued to be fulfilled and poured out to others to bless.
  • My Dad became a believer and was baptized before his death a couple of years later.
The transplant was successful, and it is now 29 years in our past, but I remember the day as yesterday. It will always be to me one of the most wonderful purposes God had for me in my life to share with my brother what he needed for life. I am so thankful to have been a part of God using me in my brother's healing and to see all the extra moments my brother has been given to enjoy in his life.

Me with Phil and Susan
I love these guys!


  1. How blessed you were by God and to be able to help your brother..God is the giver of second and many chances. Praise to God!

  2. What a awesome post...thank you sharing. Have beautiful day friend.

  3. I got chills (seriously) reading this. God certainly blessed you-but I am sorry your mom lost her battle in the process. I know it was a relief for her but still a loss for you during that trying time.

    God bless you- so glad you were able to give life to your brother. Wish I could have done the same for my brother. xo Diana

  4. I have heard that is a very painful procedure for the marrow donor, and for you to joyfully want to do that for your brother reinforces in my mind what an incredible person you are!

  5. Thanks for sharing the blessing of this day in your life all those years ago. God is truly in control.

  6. What a wonderful blessing. My cousin was just diagnosed with leukemia and they are looking for a bone marrow match for her. I'm trusting God will find one. Apparently I'm too old to be a donor. I love that expression: "But God"... Things change when He works.

  7. What an awesome sister you are and such a blessing to be able to give the gift of life to your brother. Please pray for our daughter who will be having a biopsy tomorrow on a lump on her neck to check for lymphoma.

  8. How I loved hearing this praise story! What an incredible blessing for you all! God is ALWAYS soo good! As for our
    bible study fellowship. It is not the "offical" bible study fellowship, though I have been a part of that in the past. This is just a home fellowship my son has started at my nieces house. He is the pastor at his own church down in San Diego but agreed to teach a bible study at my nieces house on Sunday afternoons about an hour from his house because she and her friends were having such a hard time getting to church with all their babies and small children.
    So it's just a "home fellowship" but I guess I say Bible study fellowship because it's kind of what it is. Whatever it is the Lord is really blessing it and we've about out grown her house. But who knows what God might have in mind. Meanwhile it works well for us as my niece is only about 30 minutes from us so it allows us to hear our son teach and get in some extra fellowship time as well. He usually just gives the same message he gives at his own church in the morning. We used to travel down to his church [for 4 years we did] but we had stopped about 6 months ago because it's a good hour and half one way for us and just got to be too much. Sorry for the long comment! Hope the rest of your week is good!

  9. What a wonderful day to remember! Thank you for sharing this story on your blog along with the photos. God bless you and your brother and all your family! xx

  10. Beautiful testimony of God's goodness, it touched my heart. Thanks for sharing this special time in your life with us.

  11. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of Love and Faith. What a beautiful blessing you were able to give to your brother. ((Hugs))

  12. Somehow I missed this story when you wrote it originally, but as I read it now I just rejoice with you and give glory to God for His goodness and love. What a powerful testimony of His grace and healing power. Thank you for being so brave and loving to give this marvelous gift to your brother...the gift of life...and I know it had to be painful for both of you, but God saw you through it...and you are still rejoicing today so many years later. And God's grace was with your family...your mother got to be with Jesus, and your father accepted Christ and is now there too. Praise God! Thank you for sharing this story again!