On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Friday Foto Friends

Ready to join me with Deb at Breathing in Grace for another Friday Foto Friends?

We had rain, wonderful rain for several days. What a blessing it was and I so enjoy the skies that bring us those showers when it is so desperately needed. Thank You, God.

Our grandson, Brady, returned this week from his exciting trip to Spain and then to London. His Dad met him in London to see a few sights before bringing him home after Brady's month long visit. Here are a few of his pictures from London.

I know for sure these two were happy to see each other after all that time.

What an exceptional boy our Brady is!!!

And a haircut from Jack the Clipper! How funny!
Can you read that sign?
London Born and Bled! Yikes!

Meanwhile, Noah was ready for the first day of school which Brady missed out on!

And these two!
And so it begins! 
Another summer vacation wrapped up and a new school year.

Happy Birthday to Kate and last day of Summer Vacation

An EPIC day for a birthday celebration on the lake!!

Kate's birthday wish was for a lake day!

Helping Daddy drive the boat.

Jason is so good to get out in the water and help the kids.

Whoo-Hoo! Jack's first time to ski! 1.15 minutes up!
He did it!

Kate next.

Dad's turn and he did it!!

Pretty Momma on the boat!

Pretty Momma's Pretty Mom on the boat, a/k/a Nana!

Lovely Kate!
That sun was shining bright!

Grandpa, a/k/a DH

Momma tubed!

In the water

And having fun on shore!

It was a fabulous, fun day and a great way to end summer vacation.

As I said above, Jason was so good to swim out to everyone in the lake and help with getting skis on, getting them straight and then swimming back to the boat to pull them. Nana wanted to ski really bad and so he helped her with the skis and as she tried, my brain was going back and forth arguing with myself. Should I try? Should I be sensible? How many years has it been since I've skied? It had to be over 15 years at least and now, wondering about this old body, what to do, what to do? I decided I had to try.

Jason came out to help me fight those pesky skis to get them on and ready to go. Many, many years ago, it was I who was out in the water with him and his sister helping them to put the skis on so DH could pull them up. And as he took them away, I would be left out in the lake waving my arms to make sure other boaters saw me!! As Jason helped me, he said, "Nonnie, you helped us learn to ski, I know you can do it!!"

I did it!

Screenshot from a video they took.

I skied straight behind the boat for a while and then crossed the wake. Going back over the wake, I didn't do my right leg right and so I threw up my hands to drop back in. The important thing is, I did it!

This morning? How do I feel today? Let me count the ways. Sore here, sore there, sore everywhere!!! 

I am the only one on the boat who suffers from crazy hair.

Back to normal this morning.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Black and White Wednesday

I think I get a little carried away with memories on this Black and White meme. Thank you, Teri for coming up with this idea. I am enjoying it immensely! Join in the fun and link up with Your Friend from Florida, Teri to share your memories here.

My black and whites today are from a Christmas or Thanksgiving in 1954. The photos say Dec 1954, however, almost never were pictures developed until after the fact and that is why I am thinking this is from Thanksgiving. Still, it very well could be Christmas, but for today's purposes, it doesn't matter. 
Grandpa and Grandma McCoy … my Dad's parents. They lived up on a hill in Northwest Arkansas and there were other people who lived on the long dirt/gravel road outside of the town, but they were few and far between My Daddy grew up in these hills not far from this place and Grandpa was a sharecropper and a carpenter. The family lived in a two room cabin with six children! I will never understand how these things happen!!! 

Daddy went to school in a little schoolroom like you see on old westerns. I wish I had a picture of it. He took us there when we were kids to see it. He told us he carried his lunch of biscuits and bacon in a lard bucket. When he was 9 years old, he contracted typhoid fever and almost died. He said that Grandpa walked into town every day … several miles each way to get Daddy's medicine which had to be kept cool and, of course, they had no way of doing that without a refrigerator. I'm very thankful for my Grandpa and that my Dad survived that fever.

After I was born, my parents moved down the road from my grandparents. When I was a baby they say my Grandpa used to come often for a visit just to see me! Mom and Dad had it pretty rough living there and my Grandma and Grandpa lived off the land. They had a garden and chickens, no plumbing, a well for drawing their water, a cellar for storing all the canned goods my Grandma canned. Mom and Dad had to have done the same as there were no conveniences down the road either. 

The pot-bellied stove in the center of my grandparents' house and a wood cooking stove in the kitchen provided heat in the winter. I remember in the winter everyone sitting around the stove talking and staying warm. Now that will bring a group together for visiting and staying close. The only times they left the room were for eating meals in the kitchen, sleeping in the big feather beds buried under lots of quilts, or having to leave the house for private reasons!!! It was FREEZING up there in the winter!! And, of course, there was no air conditioning. I guess there was electricity because I think I remember a light bulb in the ceiling lighting the room. Hmmmmm. 

When you went outside at night, it was pitch black and we had so much fun chasing fireflies to put in jars or on our fingers to make a shiny ring. It surprises me that I don't once ever remember seeing any snakes, but I know they were up there. So glad we never crossed paths with one.

Anyway, they had a big front porch on which everybody sat in warmer weather on cane bottom/back chairs. The men leaned back in their chairs smoking and whittling as they visited after having hunted for squirrels and other game that day. Yuck!! The truth is, I was always a little shy about eating at Grandma's house not knowing for sure what everything was. Once I asked for tomato juice and she went down to the cellar and brought up a jar of canned tomatoes!! Lol! That wasn't what I had in mind. I wouldn't drink the milk because it didn't come out of a carton … it came from a cow!!! Can you believe it?!?! Poor Grandma. I'm sure her feelings must have been hurt by such a persnickety child.

Posing for the Brownie camera
Me with Charlene, my sister and my cousin
Leonard Dean

Most everybody was called by two names. Although my name is Connie Jeanette, I still to this day am called Conniejean, all run together. My sister is Roberta Sue, brother is Philip Van. Mama is Betty Jean, and so on.

Me with Charlene and her brothers Glen and Jimmy

That is me with the tongue out!

Now this is looking from in front of Grandma's house down the driveway toward the dirt/gravel road which would take you back to town. When we would stay at Grandma's house, one of the things we liked to do was walk down the drive to get the mail. You can just barely see the mailbox down there. It was a pretty good walk, but we loved doing it. Down the road to the left was a crystal clear creek with a rocky (more like pebbles) bottom and Mom and Dad would take us down there in summertime to wade, play and take a bath!!!

My cousin Charlene and I spent a few days together with my Grandma and Grandpa one summer and it was hot as blue blazes. I will never forget coming in from play one day and going to the back cool room where the water bucket with the dipper was kept. She pulled off all her clothes, took the dipper and began pouring water over her head and letting it cool her off! My sister and I were very modest and so this action of hers was quite shocking!!! 

The building up behind Charlene and me was a church. The doors were always unlocked and we would go inside and play church. We practiced singing a song and on Sunday morning, they let us sing Just a Closer Walk With Thee!!! 

Charlene and I played together very well and I always looked forward to our trips to Arkansas so we could be together. It was great fun to spend the night at their home and jump on the beds, among other things. Charlene lived in a nicer house in the small town there and on weekends, Mom and Dad would take us down to the town square and let us attend the movie with Charlene and her friends while they sat on the square and visited with family and old friends. Going to the movies was something we didn't do back in Tulsa. I'm not quite sure why we were allowed to in Arkansas! Another one of those mysteries about the rules!!!

The little town square had a drugstore which I always remember how cold it was when you walked inside and we got a Coke filled with that very fine chipped ice. One of the stores on the square had a bargain basement which we loved to visit to look around and maybe find something we could afford. For some reason, I have no idea why, we actually sat inside a courtroom in the courthouse while some proceeding was going on! Brief little snippets of memories from days long ago.  A couple of times while we were there we even visited their school!

As Charlene and I grew older, we drifted apart as she had her friends there and we were just visitors. She was a year older than me and much more mature. In fact, she ended up getting married at 15 and having her first baby at 16, the age in which I was legally allowed to date! 

My cousin and both her brothers are no longer with us. However, Charlene's younger sister still lives in the town and recently purchased an older home on a very large number of acres up in the hills. My Grandpa actually helped build the house where they will live.

I would love to live up there!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Rain!!!! A Birthday Celebration and Meeting a Very Special Blogger

The weekend was full of surprises! Little twists and unexpected turns. Learning to go with the flow and simply enjoy!

Rain!!! We had rain for the past few days and what wonderful rain it has been. The pouring rain … the soaking rain ... the sprinkling rain. Our dog, Annie, is really very well trained and housebroken. She also is stubborn!

I'll go out when I'm good and ready.
And she did!

So thankful the rain came AFTER we got this taken care of. On Thursday our friends Alice and Fred came over around noon with the purpose being to load up and take DH's Piaggio motorbike to the shop for service and assess the damages. The motorbike is a long story, as are most of our problems adventures, and we are trying to figure out what to do with it and how to get rid of sell it. (To be continued)

The third and LAST of the motorcycles at our house!

On Friday morning Kate came to stay and we had a wonderful time. We saw the movie Christopher Robin on Friday and had our dinner at the movies. Very convenient, but I think from now on we will stick with popcorn and have dinner in another restaurant. We went to the park and met a very nice family there. Kate took the little 2 year old under her wing and was most helpful taking care of her as she was quite an adventurous little tyke. I love it that all our grandchildren are kind and nurturing to little ones they meet.

Saturday morning we just took our time with breakfast and Kate slept late. She was excited about her slumber party coming up that evening and we discussed it as we walked the dog about her plans for the evening. She had plenty of ideas and the girls were up until 2 a.m. Sunday morning still going strong. (Mom not so much!)

One of the many things the girls would do would be to make slime. That seems to the trendy thing for them, so I took her to Walmart to buy everything she wanted needed to do that. She needed lots of glitter glue for her slime "recipe". Turns out her Mom had also bought loads of supplies for the slime. 

Making the slime

Her party was bunny themed! Kate loves bunnies and had started the bunny club at her school a couple of years ago. Of course they had carrot cake. They swam, painted their fingernails, played on the drums, played games, talked, giggled, and more of that I think than anything!

Sunday afternoon was especially nice as I got to meet up with a fellow blogger. Elizabeth at Beauty Without Within is a beautiful Southern lady who has excellent taste in clothing and wears it well. She has a beautiful family to blog about with many achievements there. After several attempts at trying to make it work, Elizabeth and I were finally able to have the chance to meet. Now I was a bit intimidated to meet Elizabeth, but at first sighting in the mall and the first hug, it felt (to me) as though we have always known each other and I so enjoyed the time we had to spend together. She is the real deal of a godly woman. I think we could have visited much longer. Kindred spirits who love Jesus! Her posts and her comments to me have been great encouragement.

She and her daughter were so gracious to invite me to come see her granddaughter perform in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. That little theater was a great discovery and I hope to be able to catch Elizabeth's precious granddaughter in future productions. I also am hopeful we can meet up again.

What a beautiful lady! She is just as her blog is titled …

Her granddaughter as Susan in 
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

And later on this lovely Sunday afternoon we met Jason, Amy and Kate for birthday dinner at Red Lobster and cupcakes! I think the cupcakes were a bit much after having stuffed ourselves on those cheddar biscuits, flounder and shrimp! My goodness, what a feast.

It was also sweet thinking about how much DH's mother always loved going to Red Lobster and there we were having dinner on her birthday. She would have been 99 Sunday. I have previously written about her here. She was quite a woman and everybody loved and respected her.

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Millie

All in all, this was a very good weekend and I'm looking forward to a very good week.