On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Life is like a Vapor

Friday was the day we finally were able to make our little day trip down to meet DH’s cousins. Although he is a native of the Dallas area, he spent his first seven years living in a small town halfway between Dallas and Houston. Most all of his relatives on his mother’s side lived there and he stayed with his grandparents on their farm. Thus, he spent a lot of time with his cousins then and over the years following they remain close. We don’t see them that much anymore because everyone’s lives are so busy these days, but I think all of them are realizing we aren’t getting any younger and it’s much better to meet together over BarBQ and potato salad, than over the fried chicken and potato salad after a funeral. The sad truth is, that is more the norm.

So we made the drive down on Friday morning and met for lunch. We talked about the usual things, family, kids, grandkids, health, surgeries, a few things about the past, but not that much. Someone asked DH’s cousin Judy what her husband Lawrence was doing today, where he was. “Oh, he rode his motorcycle down to Galveston for lunch and he’ll be back this evening. He loves to get on his bike and just ride over to different places, have lunch, and come home before evening.” The conversation then turned to his adventurous nature and, of course, I had to tell a few of DH’s motorcycle tales.

After a couple of hours, we said our good-byes as I wanted to beat the rush hour traffic in Dallas. We had been home maybe 30 minutes and I texted the photo I took of the cousins together.

Mike, Ray, Judy, Jay, Mary Anne 

My phone rang in response to my text and it was cousin Ray calling to tell me they had just found out that Judy’s husband had been killed instantly on the highway in Nacogdoches. Unbelievably shocking and unexpected news. Strangely enough, the accident occurred even as we were speaking of Lawrence at lunch.

Folks, we wake up each day and thank God for our life, asking Him to lead us and guide us, then go on about our business as usual, thinking we know what our day holds. We cannot know for certain how it all will play out, as I learned many years ago myself, but this I know: we can know and rely on God’s love for whatever comes our way. Let’s be ready when He calls us to whatever the day may bring. Lawrence and Judy’s pastor posted these words this morning how he was missing his friend.

“You never know what might happen from one day to the next. Really from one minute to the next. For years, I don't even know how many, almost every morning at seven o'clock, Lawrence would come to the church and into my office where we would just talk about whatever subject came up. Yesterday morning was no different except that it was the last time for me to see him alive on this earth. As he was walking out the door I told him to be careful on that bike. He turned, pointed to me and said, "I'll see you later!" And now, the next morning, it is seven o'clock and I'd sure love to see him walk in this door again. Gonna miss him in so many ways. Prayers for all his wonderful family and many friends. And yes my friend, I will see you later!”

We will meet up with you later!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Valentine Medley

Terri is absolute right! Valentine's Day must be our Wednesday Medley today! Join in the fun. Get the questions here and post your thoughts on your blog!


Valentine’s Day began as St. Valentine’s Day, a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus.  February 14th, Valentine’s, Day first became associated with romantic love during the High Middle Ages as the tradition of courtly love was then flourishing.  During 18th century England, this day evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending Valentine cards.    


Get something special for your Valentine and use #ValentinesDay to post on social media.
Credit is traditionally given to Pope Gelasius for declaring February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day around the year 496 to separate the church from the Roman celebration of Lupercalia, an ancient pagan fertility festival which occurred on February 15th.  

1. I think St. Valentine's Day is for everyone, whether you have a romantic love interest or not.  I received a Valentine card from my sister (thank you Patti!) - case in point.  It is all about LOVE, not just romantic love.  What are your traditions for celebrating Valentine's Day?
I agree with you, Terri. It’s all about love. We exchange cards and go out for dinner the day before or after. 

I haven’t sent out any valentines to friends or other members of my family, although I have in the past. I did, of course, send valentines to the grandkids and I will give DH a valentine, which I will make. A couple of years I sent out valentines early to Loveland, Colorado post office so the envelopes could be postmarked with Loveland. I don’t seem to be quite on top of things as I was long ago. 
2.  When you were in elementary school, did you decorate a shoe box and deliver those little valentines to all your classmates?   Perhaps in Sunday School?

Oh yes! How we loved to buy those cute boxes of valentines and make one for everybody in our class and then bring home all the valentines from our classmates. In high school, you could receive or have your valentines delivered by the school postmaster. 
3.  Do you enjoy playing Cupid?  Have you ever introduced a couple who really clicked? 
Well, I did introduce a friend of mine to DHs best friend and although they did hit it off, it wasn’t a long term relationship. I was glad to see they liked each other. I can’t remember playing Cupid to anyone else. 
4.  Which traditional Valentine's Day gift would you rather receive:  Chocolate, flowers, or a card with a personal message? 
I like any of it. Jay used to bring home little cosmetic/perfume/lotion items and he always made a homemade card for me. 
These are some the kids made for us last year.

A homemade card for my sweetheart!

5.  What is the best movie to watch on Valentine's Day? 

I can’t think of any movie I would watch. Maybe Pride and Prejudice? I never get tired of the 1995 version with Colin Firth.
6.  Tell us something random about your week!
It has been fairly routine so far. On Saturday I visited a messianic congregation, which I thoroughly enjoyed and will most likely visit again when I have the chance. I love hearing the shofar, singing the songs, hearing the Shema and the blessings in Hebrew, and it was a very good message. 

On Saturday evening we FINALLY got to attend one of the concerts for the season. We have missed every month since September, so we were excited about meeting friends for dinner and seeing the concert. The entertainment was a woman from Canada who is a female impressionist. She was very good and it was fun. Wow, could she sing! 

On Sunday after church, there was a dinner for volunteers and we feasted on meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, rolls and cake. There was so much food I brought home enough meatloaf for our dinner Tuesday evening! It was just as good last night as it was on Sunday

Monday evening we had our Monday night gathering and did a pot luck breakfast with a fabulous quiche, country potatoes, bacon, waffles, and apple cake. It was wonderful! 

This Friday I am taking DH to visit his cousins who live a couple of hours away. We have been trying to arrange this meeting for sometime and it looks as though it will finally happen. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

National Frozen Yogurt Day Medley

Well, Terri, I have to agree with you about your choice and how important the topic of food is! So, in honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day, we grab the questions from Terri for the Wednesday Medley and share your answers with us!

1. Today, Wednesday, February 6th, is Frozen Yogurt Day! A cold dessert on what must be a very cold day for most of you reading this today! Do you enjoy frozen yogurt? Does it matter what the weather is? Share with us your favorite flavor and/or topping, please!!

So maybe the creator was from a southern state? I like frozen yogurt occasionally, but I prefer ice cream. Hot fudge on top?

2. What food do you know you shouldn't eat but can't help yourself? 

Maybe hot fudge sundaes or some kind of chocolate cake or brownie with ice cream and hot fudge on top. Oh mercy! I love bread pudding with vanilla sauce. Yum, yum! And some coconut cream pie.
3. If your life was a meal, what kind of meal would it be? 

Can’t we pick more than one? Okay, okay. A meat like roast beef or fried chicken surrounded with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans or peas, carrots, onions and yeast rolls. (Maybe a turkey dinner with all those wonderful side dishes!)

4. Do you like spicy food? I Do! 

Why or why not? 
Because it clears out my sinuses? I love Mexican food. What is the spiciest food you have ever eaten?

5. (Most of you know I have been sick with a cold.) What food do you eat or crave when you have a bad cold? 

Chicken noodle soup since I never can taste anything when I have a cold. Chicken noodle soup just feels good going down. 

6. Please tell us something random about your week (and maybe it will involve food).

Yes, doesn’t it always involve food! We had a wonderful birthday celebration for our daughter-in-Law, Amy. Her birthday is today and I haven’t yet posted pictures of our trip to Medieval Times. That was her birthday wish and we had a wonderful time. The food was good, but it was all food to be eaten with your fingers. 

I drink any alcoholic beverages, but that afternoon, ale just seemed appropriate to drink since we were pretending to be in the days of yore. I ordered a shiner bock (no idea what that was) and took a few sips before I felt wasteful since I knew I couldn’t drink it. During the ride home, I mentioned something to the effect of I shouldn’t have gotten the beer, to which Kate replied, “Nonnie, are you drunk?” That just struck everybody funny and we had a good laugh.

Happy Birthday, Amy!
We love you!

Beginning Afresh!

Yes, yes, it is February. But I now am going to ignore the fears of Google + and say thank you to Lea of Cici's Corner for her checking on how to handle. I choose to ignore and be thankful that Blogger should not be affected. Just in case, however, I hurriedly prepared and order a blog book printed for last year so my posted pictures will be preserved!!

Yesterday we had the joy of celebrating our daughter-in-law's birthday at Medieval Times. That was her birthday wish and it was a much more fun than a gift and dinner! It really was a gift and dinner! We yelled and cheered for our red knight on his horse until we were hoarse!

In front of the castle! (which had a real moat!)

At least Amy and Jack heard the photographer say, "grab the sword!"

Jack was a little sore because he could never make up his mind which souvenir he wanted. (He really wanted them all!) Kate was happy with a tee-shirt!

The queen was in charge and all did her bidding!

The horses pranced, dance and bowed!

Our red knight!

It was fun to watch and pretend!

Lots of jousting, and sword fighting. This must be a fun job every day to ride horses and pretend! Their choreography was very precise, especially in the sword fights. Our feast was tomato soup, roast chicken, with roasted potato and corn on the cob, with pound cake for dessert! No utensils were provided as we were instructed to use our fingers for all the meal! Fun, fun! Kate got a flower from our red knight and was deemed “Queen of the Tournament.” 

A memorable day and I wish sweet Amy a happy birthday!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Google Plus

Good February morning! 

I am wondering whether any of my blogger friends have received notice about Google + closing down and our data being removed. So far, I do not understand.

Can anybody explain what will be happening in plain English that I can understand? And what I need to do about it?

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Positive Wednesday Medley

Here is a medley of questions from Terri, our Friend from Florida. You may choose to answer on your Wednesday blog. There aren't any rules and there is no obligation. Link up if you want to. I'm enjoying this and it is helping me to join other bloggers at least once a week and I invite you to join in, too!! Right here is the place to get your questions!


Well, I do agree with your statement that you love croissants when they are fresh, but day-old croissants need to be turned into a donut. I happen to really like all the croissants offered at the le Madeleine and that sounds like a good place to have breakfast this Wednesday. So... how do you like your croissants? What is your favorite way to eat them? 

A plain fresh croissant, alongside an omelet or scrambled eggs and bacon are good, but a fresh croissant with dark chocolate or an almond filling is just heavenly!

2. Speaking of food... How do you handle stress? 

Speaking of food? It would be chocolate. 

3. Out of the negative emotions of greed, anger, jealousy, and hate, which one would you say affects you the most? 

Anger is probably one I feel most these days. We are living in a time of angry and hateful people bent on destroying others. I am so sad with the direction our country is going, especially when I see that efforts are being made to tend to problems, but there seems to be an agenda adding to the problems and leading us to a path of destruction. I feel helpless because I wish I could do something about the problems and the people who are causing them and creating even more problems for our children. The callous abortion ruling and and ... well, I could go on and on, but I will stop here. 

4. Out of the positive emotions of compassion, positivity, enthusiasm, and initiative, which one is your biggest strength? 

I still remain positive knowing that God is in control and my faith in Him will bring the peace to sustain us through good and bad. 

5. What do you get every time you go grocery shopping, other than the staples such as bread, milk, butter, flour, sugar... 

orange juice and bottled water. They are staples at our house.

6. Please tell us something random about your week so far.

Jack was over this last Saturday and Sunday. He’s such a sweet and fun boy! I noticed many little things about him such as picking up litter left by others in the parking lot and trashing it. He returned a cart someone left in a parking space, he holds the door open for me and others. We went to the park so he could ride his hover-board and he offered to let someone else try it, which made me a little nervous. (You can fall on those things!) 

I laughed embarrassingly when he and DH came out of the men’s restroom at church and Jack said, “Grandpa, you forgot to wash your hands!” He made him go back in to do that. Poor Grandpa. He can’t remember so many things these days. I loved when Jack told us the Bible story they talked about in church and he repeated his memory verse. All our grandkids are honor roll kids at school and good students. It is so pleasing to watch them as they grow up. Hard to believe the sweet baby I carried upstairs and around the house is now able to carry a case of water upstairs for me.

Showing off his skill. He can really move on this thing and even go uphill!
Problem right here is there are some big cracks in this stretch of sidewalk and you
remember that old proverb, "step on a crack?"

Roll over the crack and fall down. 
This is the view when Nonnie bends over to help you
with the phone still on!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wednesday Medley

National Pie Day seems a good time to join Wednesday Medley with Terri! Get the questions here and join in!

National Pie Day is celebrated annually on January 23rd. (Not to be confused with March 14 which is PI π Day.) 
National Pie Day was created simply to celebrate the pie.  It is a day for all to bake or cook their favorite pies.  Even more importantly, it is a day set aside for all to enjoy eating pies!
The first pies appeared around 9500 BC in the Egyptian Neolithic period or New Stone Age.

1.  Okay, fess up.  Tell us your top three favorite pies, please.  Will you have some pie today?
Coconut cream, chocolate and pecan. 

2.  While we are talking about food... are you a picky eater or are you ready to try almost any new food?  
I was picky growing up, but when I reached my teens, I discovered all I had been missing out on all those years. What is the worst thing you have ever eaten? Gee, I know I’ve eaten some bad things, but I can’t think now the worst thing. I will say we ate something this weekend that brought us down for the last couple of days. It tasted all right when we ate it, but somehow we ended up with food poisoning. So that’s the worst thing I’ve eaten lately. (I think it was the potato salad and it’s going to be a while before I can eat it again ... one of my favorites!)
3.  Baking could be considered an art as could cooking.  How do you define art? 
Something pleasing to look at. And since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it would be different for everybody. I love landscapes and paintings I can look at and wish I were there. I like art I can understand. A sunset, sunrise, the mountains, waterfalls. 
And I love the artwork the children make for me. 

Many of my friends have a great knack for decorating or dressing. Wouldn't that too be considered an art? 
4.  Tell us a really stupid joke that made you laugh, please.
Q: What happened when the butcher backed into his meat grinder?
A: He got a little behind in his work.
5.  January 23rd is also National Handwriting Day. Do you have nice handwriting? Did cursive writing come naturally or did you practice in those double-lined practice books until your fingers hurt?
We drew circles over and over again. Move your whole arm as you write, the teacher said. I developed my own style of writing and did get a penmanship award. People tell me I have very nice handwriting and our daughter asked me to address her wedding invitations. My hands won’t cooperate that much these days.  
6.  Tell us something random about your week.
We went to visit our nephew to celebrate our great niece Londyn’s first birthday. We had a wonderful time. 

Londyn with Mommy

Daddy and Hunter provide entertainment

Brother Lincoln "stole" the barn with horses and never let them out of his sight!
He took them to church the next day and on to the restaurant. So cute!

Two cuties!
Happy Birthday, Londyn!

We have been homebound since the weekend due to this nasty bug and I still feel weak and am wondering if I will ever get caught up with things. Today we are going to breakfast with DH's buddies and I will be getting a haircut later. We also plan to visit Norma’s Cafe today for a slice of pie! It’s free! And we love Norma's! And here's hoping my tummy is ready for it!