On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Sunday, May 24, 2015

How High's the Water, Mama?

Way too high for me! 

This. Is. Not. Normal. At. All. 

 The lake is getting a little too close for comfort. 

Only a couple of weeks ago, we walked the trail around the lake.

The trail around the lake is now part of the lake.

Big snake in the back yard is not normal either. 
Stay away!!!

Can you see this is a very long snake?
(I did the best I could with my phone and trying to be calm
in front of the kids.)

In spite of all the crazy rain we are having this month, last week was full of blessings and opportunities to bless. On Monday I made my annual trip to see my oncologist. As I walked through the doors of the hospital and saw people in the waiting room of the radiation department, it just felt good to think about the fact that I was only there for follow-up that day and not treatment. Realizing at that moment I am 10 years out on cancer treatment, I praised God for my good health! The doctor's prescription was "come back as needed!!" Whoopee!!!! So thankful to hear that (I had kinda been wondering how much longer I would be seeing him) so I bade them farewell and God bless!

On my way home, I stopped by the Children's Hospital to sit with a friend whose son was just going into surgery for a collapsed lung. Who ever knew that this is a common thing in young boys who happen to be tall and slender and active? In spite of the reason we were there, it was pleasant sitting with Lisa and Brian having lunch while we waited for the surgery to be completed and hear the outcome. Score!!! Another good report! Josh came through and is doing great! Music to the ears of his parents!

These dudes were escorting another patient out of the Children's Hospital. 
I wish Jack could have seen them.

Tuesday was the last of the Spring Ladies of Grace Bible study for me. It's been a good semester and I know it won't be long before the fall meetings begin. I'm sorry I'm going to miss out on our Spring brunch, but it happens to fall on the date of Kate's graduation from kindergarten. What excellent students she and our grandsons Brady and Noah have been this year. Born leaders!! So proud of them. Noah's graduation was this week and it would have been nice to see him graduate. He's such a cutie.

Brady's soccer team is number 1!! No surprises there! Brady scored four goals in one game and two in the other championship play-offs.

Brady front row, far right.
On Wednesday, I took chocolate chip cookies to Josh in the hospital and I can tell you that was one hungry boy happy to see those cookies!!

 Back to normal!

After a quick lunch with his mom Lisa, and seeing him make short work of those cookies, I headed over to the rehab center to visit our friend, Kevin. It saddens me to see someone having to go through the suffering that cancer brings, and to their families. Kevin is still in good spirits, but it's not an easy road.

Thursday was a fun day with RuthAnn, whom I affectionately refer to as one of my sisters-in-love. She is actually my sister-in-law's cousin, but we have adopted each other as sisters. Love her so much. She lives in Hawaii, but has a second home here, too. On this particular day, being in need of a new bed and other items, she was curious to visit the "Humongous" Nebraska Furniture Mart. So we trekked over together and had fun looking around for the next two hours gathering more information about beds than I ever needed to know. And tested every mattress. Well ... almost every mattress. I'm not a shopper, but it was fun.

One of our pastor's wives put a bug in my ear that she wanted me to teach her how to make the fudge she had heard one of the other pastor's wives rave about. Now it is funny to me because the fudge I make is the easiest stuff ever. You know, the marshmallow fantasy fudge that you probably make at Christmas! So on Friday we had an enjoyable time together making fudge, visiting and trying out a new restaurant, Zoe's Kitchen, that recently opened. So many new restaurants and businesses have come in with the opening of the furniture mart I mentioned above. Zoe's was yummy good. And so was the fudge!

After lunch, my Dear Heart and I met friends to see a movie and have dinner after.  It was a good place to spend a rainy afternoon - being with good friends, munching on popcorn, and taking it easy.

And finally, yesterday, another memorial service for one of our Ladies of Grace. Seems there are just too many these days. Someone younger than me. It blesses my heart hearing family members speak so highly and lovingly of their loved one and what a legacy they left behind. It is always my hope that my life will have had even a small impact upon someone after me.

More storms are on the way. As much as I enjoy a rainy day, I think I am very ready for some sunshine. The lakes are swollen and running over. Last year they were drying up, low water supplies for the cities were causing drastic restrictions, the weather gurus were giving us no hope for the drought we were in.

So I will not complain. I will not complain. I will not ...

Less than a mile from our house, the storm hit one of the boat storage buildings.

Very thankful I don't have to be trying to salvage stuff out of one of those.


  1. Nonnie, So much is going on there. That weather is scary. I pray for anyone who is in a dangerous path of storms or flooding. Glad you got a great report...may you always be cancer free. Sad about the children in need. You were a true friend to sit with your gal pal who need you. Blesssings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh my, such a busy life and you still found time to tell us about it! The rising lake is scary!! Keep us posted please, and I hope you are able to report that the water has receded.

  3. Loved getting to read about all the happenings - you've had a busy May and it's not even over yet! Sure hope the rains don't become problematic for you. Keep us posted...Your grands are growing and glad they've all had a good school year.

  4. Oh my, the high waters from rain and the damage from the storms. I'm glad your safe. Hope the snakes stay far away from you. Praying for all who are affected. Thanking God for His blessing of good health for you. Glad that Josh is doing well too. You have certainly been busy!!!

  5. Oh, my goodness! That snake. That's way too close for my comfort, too.

  6. Glad your drought is over, but my oh my! I hope it calms down soon and heads over to California..they need that rain! I can't even comment on the snake...yukkie!

  7. That water looks scary...hope it has receded and all is well and that it took the snake with it! ;-) Glad your friend's son did well with surgery and recovery! Looks like you have been keeping really busy. Have a wonderful day!


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