On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Thursday, August 9, 2012

God Still Sends Angels

Yes. I believe there are angels.
(Not the cute little fairy type characters.)

Most of the time angels are unseen.
But sometimes angels come in different "outfits" so to speak. ;-)
Ordinary Joe

 My Dear Heart keeps them busy! And keeps me busy praying!
So I am always thankful when God sends an angel our way to help us.

Case in point:

Dear Heart likes adventures. And he loves to fly, ride motorcycles,
dream dreams, and work on projects.

His most recent little big purchase was a Harley Davidson.
This Harley is silly to me special because it has a sidecar attached to it.

Now since he is always trying to get me involved with his adventures,
his thought was how fun it would be to go on trips with me riding in the side car.
Fat chance since flying, motorcycles, and most adventures are not my cup of tea.
(He gave up flying because I ruined the dashboard with my hard grip!)*
This Harley is also special because it is a 1975 which makes it a "classic."
old and not very trustworthy to ride in - it also leaks oil.

So one day, he decides to work on it. Translated: he must get UNDER it!
And his request of me is to stand and watch while it is jacked up on the driveway
to make sure everything goes all right.
Now I was willing to oblige this request until I stood there about a minute thinking
what exactly would I do to help him if the jack slipped?
That thing weighs a ton AND since Dear Heart recently had a quad-bypass
AND is taking blood thinners and other medications, any wounds are dangerous
as we witnessed with his recent experiences with a grinder, a tiller,
and trip to the emergency room
He is also not one to lay still (lie still?) while he is working!

As soon as he had finished working with his struggles,
I informed him that would be the last time EV.ER.
for me to stand by ready to call 911!

Would you believe it? About five minutes later,
a complete stranger pulls up in our driveway,
wants to check out the "cool" motorcycle and, before you know it,
he tells my sweetheart that he is a motorcycle guy and can help him work on it.
He is so clever that he pulls the motorcycle over the water thingee in the front yard
so it doesn't have to be jacked up.
He crawls under, does a couple of tweaks to the thing and,
voila! All done. I gave him and his dog cold water,
they sat in the shade, and then left.
Never to be seen or heard from again.

I know this man was a God-send and I did take the time to find his address,
write him a card and tell him so. God bless this man!
He was an angel for us that day.

Did I mention how much I love my adventurous guy?
There is never a dull moment.

*Lest you think me a party-pooper, I almost always give in to these adventures.
I have flown with him, gotten my own motorcycle license, etc., etc.


Melanie said...

Loved your story, and I don't blame you, I wouldn't stand there ready to call 911 either!!!

Joy Tilton said...

Angels on bikes are pretty common, lots of good folks ride these days! We did for awhile, then Jerry realized he didn't have enough time for all his toys and pared down. I was always afraid too, of him being in an accident. It's good to have adventure, things to look forward to and share! Loved your thoughts, they are so funny and so TRUE!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Well, Nonnie
A dull moment, is just that - a DULL moment. Aren't you glad you are not going to have any? :)

Have a great day - with no dull moments. - Marsha

Say What? said...

Loved this post. I have a motorcycle guy and I refuse to ride with him until our boys are raised and on their own. I just can't take the chance; however, he keeps talking about "when we ride" ... etc, etc. I'm secretly thinking, "Nope. Not Even Then." We'll see. ;)

melody-mae said...

Great post. Men will be men won't they and we will be the ones lovin' them and praying for their safety!

Wanda said...

Wonderful story.....especially the strik throughs..HaHa... My dearest has had all the things you mentioned...bypasses, stint, pacemaker...but at 75, I don't let him do too man ADVENTUROUS" things. He has a Harley key chain and wallet...that's the extent of his Harley...haha.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, dear. And here I was thinking of getting a Harley.

Back to the drawing board.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Susan mccoy said...

God does work In very mysterious ways! We love you and your dear heart.

Sweet Tea said...

Oh my, I think you were there "beyond the cal of duty", and the nice man an angel sent for your husband AND you!