On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Wow! What a week it has been and filled with good things ... some not so good things ... some amazing things!

Wallet ... Talk to me!!

Where have you been?

About three months ago, DH lost his wallet and I told about it here. We spent a couple of crazy days re-tracing his steps ... or, that is, attempting to retrace his steps because he really had no idea of where he might have lost it. After a week of wondering and waiting and thinking it would be found or returned, we finally gave it up and began that tedious process of replacing everything in the wallet. I left it in God's hands, trusting that nothing would come of it such as stolen identity, charges on the cards, etc. Praying that if it fell into the wrong hands, they would just take the cash, toss the wallet and the wallet could live happily ever after in a dumpster somewhere.

Miracle of miracles and praise to God! Yesterday we received a call from our son reporting to us that he had received a call from a captain at the fire station where DH had worked. The FD captain said he had heard from our local police department trying to find the owner of the wallet. The captain at the fire department didn't know how to reach my DH, but he did know how to reach our son. 


So we immediately dashed over to the police department and retrieved that wallet completely intact with every single credit card, ID cards, debit card, Medicare card, insurance cards, EVERYTHING including cash! 

The police officer said the wallet had been found by the owner of a Chinese restaurant in a nearby town! That is quite bizarre since the wallet was lost early in the morning. Soooooooo, it would be interesting to know the trail the wallet traveled before being found. The police officer also said more than likely the wallet had been in the restaurant's safe all this time before the owner decided to bring it to the police department here. 

Now here's what I think happened. That morning my husband couldn't remember, he never made it to where he was supposed to be, but instead entered the Chinese restaurant next to the breakfast place to meet his buddies. He has a habit of taking his wallet out and putting it on a table. Maybe it fell out of his pocket. For whatever reason, when his buddies didn't show up at this place, he decided to leave and come home, which he did, telling me his friends weren't at the restaurant. (By a short way of explanation, I will mention here that he is having memory loss problems ;-((.) The Chinese restaurant owner or manager placed his wallet in their safe to wait for someone to retrieve it, but, of course, that never happened because DH didn't recall his ever being there. It is a mystery too because he never used his credit card there. I don't know. I give up trying to know! The good thing is it was found.

Thanks be to God for His protection of us and I pray He pours out a special blessing on the person who turned it in. 

Thanks to the person who turned it in.

Thanks to the diligence of the police department. 

Now, in my post back in April telling about this little bump in life, I said, 

Whether good ...
or bad ...
or in-between ...
the circumstances don't change the truth of God's goodness.
Give thanks to the Lord!

And other happenings this week.

Thankful to know that my brother and sis-in-law returned safely from their exciting trip to Napa Valley and my niece Robyn returned safely from her Caribbean cruise on Sunday.

On Monday I had a belated birthday lunch with my dear friend, Connie. We had such a wonderful and relaxing time together just catching up with everything in our lives. She is a woman of wisdom and thoughtfulness. Thank God for friends like her and other very dear friends.

We were up early on Tuesday to meet Amy at the dentist. Kate is beginning the process of extensive dental work to prepare for braces. Bless her heart. So I met with them to take Jack for the day. We had a good time at the mall. He played and then we shopped. First stop was Build a Bear and he quickly picked out a couple of the Avengers for himself and a large Pokemon thing for Kate. What? I tried to discourage that, but he convinced me that Kate had one which had been lost and he wanted her to have another one.

Moving right along to Dippin' Dots and I really don't think that boy gets enough chocolate! LOL. Big thanks to my sweet friends Alice and Fred, Jack and I had a couple hours of fun in their swimming pool. What fun to watch that boy so full of energy doing his cannonballs, can openers, twists, flips and dives! Does he ever get tired? Well, yes. He zoned out in the car on the way home. One minute you hear him talking to his animals and singing, the next minute there is silence. He's out!

Yesterday, I joined DH and his Wednesday buddies to meet with one of the wives who has been going through some major health issues. It was so good to see her again and have a chance to catch up. She talked and talked. One of the other husbands suggested that his wife might like to join us some Wednesday, so it looks like we may be starting a new Wednesday morning ladies breakfast trend while the men have theirs. 

Today we will be having a visit from our nephew Billy and his family. So excited. Can't wait.

So thankful to report these good things on Thankful Thursday.

And continuing to pray for my dear sister and my niece who've been going through some trying times these past few weeks. I am so sorry about that and hopeful that they will have the peace that passes all understanding in Christ, the strength of God through the trials they are experiencing and know His goodness even in the times we just don't understand.


  1. What wonderful news about your husband's wallet! I think God had His hand of protection on it from the time it left your husband's pocket. Lots of other happenings in your life, I see. A lot to be thankful for!

  2. What wonderful news about the wallet...and yes, God had His hand on this. A lot to be thankful...Blessings

  3. I love the story of your wallet! God is good!

  4. That was really lucky with the wallet. Nice to know there are still good people out there.

  5. It is so amazing that your hubby's wallet found it's way home. We do have a God of Miracles!

  6. Nonnie, Sending prayers to your sister and niece. I am thrilled about your husband's wallet. It just makes us feel good about our fellow man. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  7. God is Good! Happy ending to the wallet story. amazing.

  8. Your husband was very fortunate as that rarely happens. Not in my area anyway. May all those you shared in need be truly blessed in the coming days.

  9. Oh how I love to hear stories like that! Praise God on the found wallet. With even the cash in tack! Love it.

  10. What a blessing about the wallet....wow....yes, Praise the Lord for honest people. HOPE you'll joint me today for Friday Foto Friends.