On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Returning to Normal .. whatever that is!

The past few days have been quite eventful with normal, everyday life ... more so than in the past few weeks of being in bed or sitting around getting well. I've been able to do things around the house, get out to run a few errands, and meet friends for lunch, or go to church.

Friday afternoon we picked up the kids and brought them over to spend the night. On the drive over, we decided to stop at the mall to let them play. All the drive over they played and took turns with the iPad and the Leapster GS. As we turned to pull into the mall parking lot, I smiled thinking of the similarity of instructions given when a plane is landing and the flight attendant's statement to everyone, "We are now approaching the parking lot of the mall. Please turn off and stow away all electronic devices!" :-)

Saturday we visited a place I had heard about and been wanting to take the kids to see. While Sharkarosa Ranch wasn't all I hoped it would be, the kids loved it (even though we had had to convince them to want to go - their druthers were to stay home and play on iPad).

I think I am going to just throw away all the toys we have that clutter the house since iPad is now the main attraction. Don't get me wrong! I know it isn't right for them to be using them ALL the time - all things in moderation - but that is something that keeps them pretty occupied. (They do still love outdoor activities, playing tag, hide and seek, or going to the park, etc.)

Riding ponies at Sharkarosa

Took a tram ride to check out all the animals in the wild.
We saw a couple of bears, camels, horses, zebras, emus,
peacocks, wild pigs, and deer.

The goat snorted at them!
They thought it was hilarious.
Maybe the blueberry snow cone wasn't the best choice!

They were terrific and we had such a wonderful time, I was a little sad about taking them home - the time just flew by. They didn't want to go home and asked to stay another night, but I knew that would be too much for us.

Sunday was a special day at our church. Our pastor, having been brought up in a military family, is adamant about giving honor to whom honor is due. So every year on the week of 9/11, we have a special service with the Jr. ROTC color guard leading the Pledge of Allegiance. We sing the Star Spangled Banner, and honor all military, active or retired, all first responders, firefighters, police, and EMTs by praying for them and presenting them with a token of appreciation. It is a special time to recognize, applaud and thank heroes and show the next generation our respect for these brave people who serve us. As Pastor said, we must never, ever forget the ones who have served.

Some gave all.
The past two years a replica of the VietNam Memorial Wall
has been brought in for display.
This year the desert boots were added to honor more
than a hundred of those from our area
who had given their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Each pair honored a particular person.

Here is my own hero, honored as retired firefighter 
and for eleven years' service in the Army National Guard.
The handsome one in the center.

Our son is a firefighter and was going through rookie school when 9/11 occurred. Believe me, it was quite sobering for our family as we watched the brave firefighters entering those towers.

Today, I accomplished a lot around the house, then needed to run a couple of errands. As I drove home on the freeway, I noticed just ahead of me were three cars, one of which was a state trooper. All three were traveling at the speed of about 55mph. The maximum legal speed is 70 mph on that road and I am always surprised when I see that people won't pass a police officer. So I just put my foot down and headed over to the far left lane to go around all of them, never going past 68 mph when, to my dismay and embarrassment, the trooper flashed those lights and had the nerve to pull me over!!! I was mortified! What in the world had I done? Is it illegal to pass a police car? Did I not use my signal? Had the speed limit changed? What??

Oh well, never mind all the questions. Far be it from me to dishonor or disrespect the ones who serve us, and so I waited patiently with both hands on the wheel so the officer would feel safe approaching me. I smiled at him and he very kindly informed me that my car had no front license plate. Well, that wasn't quite what I was expecting. Because I was unable to find our insurance card in the car - (where in the world did my husband hide that thing???) he said he would go back to his patrol car and run a check on me! Oh no!! Now my new prayer is please, Lord, don't let him notice that my CHL has expired, and please don't let him ask me if I have a gun in the car! (I didn't.) Last time I got stopped, that got me into some trouble with an officer who wasn't quite so kind.

Whew!! He didn't. He came back smiling, said he found the information, noticed I only had nine electric miles left on my car and told me I had better scoot on home. Thank the Lord!

This little girl is a bit of a toot!!

We played a game in the car taking turns drawing a picture on the iPad and the other guessing what we had drawn. We were allowed to give three hints.

My hint to Kate about my drawing: "This is something you have that I don't!" 

Kate to me: "A good memory!"

Then Friday night, Kate and Jack wanted to take out all the trash baskets in the house. They did both trash and recycles, which I praised them for. When we came upstairs for bed that night, I warned that we were only making one trip and I gave everybody something to carry up. When I gave Kate her bag, she said, "Nonnie, I just do trash. I don't carry my stuff."

She cracks me up!

Our other grandsons live three hours away on a good traffic day. Sometimes longer. Wish we could just run over and pick them up to come stay with us. They are growing up and more involved now than ever with school, soccer, friends, and other activities.

Brady's short tale of what he did this past summer. I'm happy he included our beach trip, but kinda sad he reported falling off the golf cart landing on his face. That little incident was one I would like to forget - and be thankful he wasn't hurt, just a little scared. I think that will teach him to hold on and not look too far over the side when we turn corners.

Noah's teacher sent home a sweet note. So proud of him.

And last, but not least, 28 years ago, I met my Dear Heart. 
I am so thankful for him and all the adventure he has brought into my life!


  1. So glad you are getting around and life is getting back to normal! How wonderful to run into a kind hearted officer. And congratulations on the anniversary of meeting your love.

  2. What a great post. Love that you did so much with the kids...even though I know it is tiring. It is creating great memories for them. Funny about the policeman. Glad they didn't run you in! xo Diana

  3. Love that you're back to being "you"! Everyday life with family is such a blessing, isn't it?! Even if we do occasionally fall on our face as your sweet Brady recalled so well! LOL. Kate is looking like such a big girl - love her sense of humor.

  4. Thanks for catching us up on all your news, and for the great photos!

  5. It sounds like you have such a precious family .. I'm glad to be following your blog now! I love what your church does to remember 9/11. We were in the Army for 12 years (well, my husband was!); I miss being around military families and churches- but thankfully, ours now is patriotic despite not being near a military post or base.

  6. I'm glad you're getting back into the swing of things. Careful you don't overdo it and and having to rest and recover even more. I enjoyed your post, especially the part about your church honoring veterans. Ok, no, I enjoyed the stories about the grandkids best. Nope, the pictures were the best! Ah well, glad you're better!

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