On Eagle's Wings

On Eagle's Wings
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:29-31


Friday, April 5, 2013

Random Happenings

Just catching up on what has been an interesting (for us) and full week.

Kate was over Monday, after having spent the night with us on Easter. Kate is a precious girl and it is a joy to spend time with her. We play, talk, color, whatever we're doing is just fun. She doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive, as they say, and Sunday's meal was so yummy, how could anybody pass up on brisket tacos? I fixed corn on the cob for the kids and she probably ate two bites. Oh yes, and she ate several candies from her "Easter Bucket," some Peeps, jelly beans, M & M's and the frosting off two cupcakes. That girl! When her parents and brother Jack had gone home, she came to me and said, "Nonnie, I'm hungry. Can you send out for a pizza?" 

She went to Sam's with us and walked alongside Grandpa and our cart, or rode on the cart. We had pizza while we were there and she ate every bit of it except the crust which she always hands over to me. Wherever she goes, she is a delight because she is so sweet. She says please and thank you, and hugs the cashier. And gasp! She doesn't beg, whine or throw fits for things in the store. She is just along for the ride.

What a charmer!!

Sad to say, on Tuesday morning, as I was on my way to Tuesday morning Bible study, I got a call from Kate's Mommy saying Kate was very, very sick, crying out because of neck pain and throwing up. So we met and I brought Jack home with me to spend the day while Amy took care of Kate. She was so good at the doctor's office and cooperated in every way. She felt so bad that she even refused the lollipop the doctor tried to give her. The doctor said it was "just a virus" and prescribed meds. By the end of the day and after lots of rest, Kate was back to her old self. Thank You, God.

And thank You, God for another delightful day that we had to spend with Jack. What a sweetheart. Lots of laughter with this boy.

Wednesday morning Bible Study Fellowship - YES - we are more than halfway through the book of Genesis which we have been studying since September! What a book of beginnings.

Thursday I had my annual visit to the oncologist. Seven years out and still good report! Yay!!! And I give thanks to God for His mercies.

On my way home from the doctor, I stopped by to visit with my dear friend and former co-worker, Kay, and was surprised to get to see my boss June Hunt, too while I was there. She is such a busy lady and had I been trying to get to see her, would have had to work around her schedule, so it was a very nice surprise. I had the privilege of working with these ladies for ten years at the ministry June founded many years ago, Hope for the Heart. You can check out this great ministry here and read about all the ways they are reaching out to counsel and help hurting people. June is a generous, dedicated woman who loves God and people. June has built her life around helping others and her most recent vision was fulfilled in the building of an unbelievably nice facility that is now home offices for 40-45 other ministries in Plano, Texas, such as Josh McDowell, Joni & Friends (Joni Earackson Tada), Global for Asia, Probe Ministries, I Am Second, Marriage Matters, and many other great ministries. Her vision was that all these ministries in the same building could have more affordable space and save their ministries money by sharing such things as recording studio, conference facilities, bookstore for their materials, etc.

But when I worked with June and Kay, I worked from June's home and here is a sample of one of the pleasant views I enjoyed every day at work.

Azaleas across the back yard haven't yet burst into bloom

Actually, my eyes were focused on the computer most all the time as I managed her traveling, recording, speaking schedule, assisting her with the books and materials she wrote, doing research and, one of my favorite jobs, placing Scripture contextually with her written material. Everything she counseled or wrote was Biblically based!

Semi-annual trip to the dentist today and yippee, another great report! "Keep doing what you're doing."

Right now: DH and I are waiting holding our breath  to see if the sale of the Harley goes through. Jay is so excited and his hopes are so high, I pray that he is not disappointed. It will be a low blow if it doesn't.

This weekend, as soon as we take care of the motorcycle deal, we are off on a road trip to Tulsa to visit my brother, Phil and my sister-in-love, Susan, and my sweet sister, Roberta and her family. We will get to see my niece Robyn's new home, which I'm excited about because she has worked very hard these past few months updating an old house to make it a really nice home for herself. It was a BIG step for her and so very happy that she took it.

Roberta and Robyn

So last night we took our Schnauzer, Trudy, to the petsitters. That is positively one of the most exciting things for Trudy in her life other than chasing rabbits. She watches out the window as we make the trip over to Linda's and when we turn the corner to her neighborhood, Trudy begins to perk up and moan like crazy, then goes into a very excited yelping and she cannot stay still. LOL! I got a good video of her and had the iPhone on Face Time. This is where she noticed herself in the camera and took a few licks on the phone.

Looking forward to a reunion on Sunday with my Granny's (my maternal grandmother) family, the Upjohns. Isn't that an interesting name? I've not been close to them since they weren't a big part of my growing up years, so am looking forward to hearing all I can about them.

On a sad note, this week also saw my nephew off to Afghanistan. If you pray for the military, please include Chase, for his safety, protection, and wisdom and guidance as he leads others. Thank you.



Shelly said...

I am adding Chase to my prayer list. Please keep us posted on him. What a "God thing" to run into your boss- I love divine appointments like that. So glad the Harley sold and health has returned!

Chatty Crone said...

I have to comment - that little one is a CHARMER! sandie

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Trudy is adorable!

Our weekly community group Bible study prays for our country and troops every Wednesday night